Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Birthday Wish List :-D

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

Don't worry, I, in no way believe that I would be lucky enough to get all of the products on this list but a girl can wish...right??

Image taken from Asos.com

I've been wanting this clutch for so long because it would go amazing with a recent Heel purchase I made :-) 

Image from Debenhams.com

I love Estee Lauder Double Wear and I've been running low so I need to purchase this soon!!

Image taken from eyeslipsface.co.uk

I've heard so much about this E.L.F Powder Brush, its apparently amazing to apply foundation. 

Image taken from eyeslipsface.co.uk

Before I made my first ever purchase from E.L.F, I did a lot of research and this brush was mentioned frequently. Its supposed to be good for filling in your eyebrows :-) 

Image taken from Debenhams.co.uk

MAC make my favourite lipsticks but I only purchase every so often when I want to treat myself, the next few I want to pick up are Ruby Woo and Milan Mode :-) 

Image taken from ghdhair.com

I would love to buy a new GHD straightener as mine is going on 6 years old now, they are amazing and last for so long!!! Well worth the money :-) 

Right...I better stop myself there as I was getting slightly carried away! 

That's my birthday wishlist, the big day is next Wednesday so not long. Don't know what I'm doing yet, probably go shopping with the family and then for a nice meal somewhere :-) 

Hope you have all had a great day :-) 

Linzi xxx


  1. I own the elf brush but personally i think the real techniques stippling brush is much better because the bristels are shorter than the elf one:) mac lipsticks are really good :)Hope you get most products of your birthday list.

    1. Thanks hun! I'll have to keep the real techniques one in mind!!