Thursday, 6 September 2012

EBAY: Fashion Accessories & Giveaway Win!!!!

Hullo Lovely Ladies this post has been long in the making!

About a month back I read a few blog post featuring accessories that people had bought off ebay, I was amazed at the selection/prices and must admit I went slightly purchase crazy :-P 

I will be giving direct links to some pieces but others seem to be out of stock, although I'm sure most things can be found from other sellers, just type in some key words into the ebay search bar  :-) 

"Eye Glasses Necklace" 


"Skull Necklace"


I absolutely love bird necklaces, strangely my Mam and Auntie hate me wearing them...they dislike birds for some strange reason O.o 

There are loads of Owl necklaces to choose from, so I will probably be getting a few more at some point :-)

"Skull Cross Necklace"

I haven't worn this one out yet, I'm hoping to wear it when I go shopping tomorrow!


"Adjustable Peacock Ring"

"Multi-coloured Skull Bracelet"

I'm in love with this bracelet and paid £1.05 for it, for the first day the red bead stained slightly but now its fine :-) I like to stack it with some of my other bracelets! 

All these products took from around 2 - 4 weeks to get here. 

I won a Giveaway!!

I thought I would add this little bit to my post as its related, this a ring I won in Velvet Daisy's giveaway a few weeks ago, it's slightly too small and at first I didn't think I could ever wear it but then one day when watching someones Youtube haul I noticed the girl had this ring and silly me I had been trying to put it on the wrong way round!! 

You can buy these rings on ebay too! Just type "YSL Style Ring" into ebay :-) I might get one for my Mam :-) 

Sorry that I couldn't give you all the correct links but sadly that's what its like buying off ebay, one day they are there and the next they are gone :-( 

Just to give you some more help, here are some links to sellers that I've bought from :-) 

Have you ever bought any accessories from ebay ??

Hope you have all had a great day!

Linzi xxx


  1. The owl necklace and the tiffany blue ring are so cute! I might have to check out some of the jewelery on ebay!

    1. I know! I love them so much :-) You should they have some amazing pieces!!!