Monday, 9 June 2014

My Top 3 MAC Red Lipsticks

Hullo Ladies!

I'm a big lover of red lipstick, I know many girls who find it hard to be comfortable in a red lippy but for some reason I never had that problem, I love wearing a bright lipstick. It's the same with my hair, the redder it is, the sexier I feel! 

Some of my favourite and most used red lipsticks happen to be MAC lipsticks. 

Today I'm going to be talking about my top 3 :-) 

They're not really in order because my favourite, changes constantly but these three in particular are never far from reach. 

Starting with Ruby Woo - A Blue Toned Classic Red Shade. It's very matte and can be drying if you don't prep your lips well before hand but the prep pays off as it's one of the most stunning red lipsticks I've ever seen. It suits a range of people and is loved by many. 

M.A.C Red - Another Blue Toned Red, this one is a Satin which means its it has a slight sheen to it. Extremely pretty. It was the first expensive red lipstick I bought, I bought it to go to my friends eighteenth birthday party and wore it constantly for ages after that so It holds a lot of memories for me. It's definitely one I suggest if your looking for a blue toned red that's not matte.

Lady Danger - A Yellow Toned Matte Red, It's my newest red lipstick from MAC but has become a quick favorite in the last month. It's amazing on a hot day with your favourite sundress and a pair of sunglasses. 

So those are my favourite MAC reds :-) 

I definitely suggest trying them out as they are all good quality, long lasting and absolutely gorgeous lipsticks!

What is your favourite red lipstick? 

Linzi xxx


  1. My favorite red lipstick is MAC Russian Red (Matte). :) I love MAC Ruby Woo color too..

  2. My top favourite red used to be Russian Red but now RubyWoo might have taken its place <3
    Just looking at your swatches gives me life!!! :)))
    Love xx

  3. Red lipstick is always a good idea!