Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Summer Top 5 Series - Nail Polishes

Hi Ladies,

I'm continuing my Summer Top 5 series with Nail Polishes! 

Not Surprising that all five are from my two favourite nail polish brands - Nails Inc and Barry M !

Nails Inc - New Burlington Place , Barry M - Blue Grape, Nails Inc - Portobello, Barry M -Shocking Pink and Barry M - Copper. 

Nails Inc New Burlington Place  - Opaque Rose Gold Shimmer  -  No Topcoat
 Barry M Blue Grape - Bright Cobalt Blue - No Top Coat 
Nails Inc Portobello - Neon Orange Matte Polish - Top Coat 
Barry M Shocking Pink - Bright Blue Toned Pink - No Topcoat 
 Barry M Copper - Opaque Copper Shimmer Polish - No Topcoat

I love wearing a shimmer polish in the Summer, I know a lot of people usually wear them in the Winter which I do also, but I think Shimmers are just so much prettier in sun light. 

I'm wearing Shocking Pink today and it's just so easy to put on! It's a full coverage polish which means you only really need one coat. ONE COAT!! Thank you Barry M! 

Blue Grape is my first Hi Shine Polish from Barry M but I'm desperate for more. I love the look of Mango, Papaya and Greenberry. 

What are your favourite Summer Nail Polishes?

Linzi xxx


  1. I just got Barry M mango today. Good colour choices :)

    1. Thanks! Ohh I nearly picked it up but I picked up Papaya and Greenberry instead :-) Love to see a review hun!