Sunday, 6 July 2014

REVIEW - Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - Hot Pepper

Hullo Ladies!

I've been in love with the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet's I have seven of them and love them all! 

The first one I bought was from Amazon and it's called Hot Pepper! It's a pigmented yellow toned red that's completely opaque in two swipes. 

. These liquid lipsticks are super comfortable and completely matte. 

They do have a tacky feeling for some time after they're first applied, almost like a lip gloss feel but it's not annoyingly sticky, you're hair doesn't stick to it or anything like that. 

As you can see it really does look like a lipstick so if you're afraid to get these because you think it might be a gloss then don't worry! I promise, every one of them comes out super pigmented and true to the colour in the package. 

One amazing thing about these is the lasting power, they last amazingly well! 

Perfect for nights out if you hate having to reapply a lipstick after eating or drink! This stuff doesn't move when it's completely dried down. When it does finally come off it leaves a lovely even stain on the lips that would basically look stunning on its own with just a bit of lip balm or gloss over the top :-) 

I highly recommend these liquid lipsticks!

Have you tried them? What's your favourite ever colour? Mine is Pink Pong! 

Linzi xxx

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