Saturday, 26 April 2014

Collective Haul : April - Enrapture, DR Jart+, New Look, Sleek + More

Hullo Ladies!

I've picked up a few lovely things in the last few weeks :-) 

Having a look on Amazon I noticed they had on offer on some of the Enrapture styling tools, I picked up the Totem Styler and I'm in love with it, I'm also in love with the price I paid for it! 

At that time it was around £21 :-) The cheapest I've seen it before that was £40 in boots around Christmas time so that's a great Bargain! 

I also stopped in TK Maxx and found some Nip+Fab goodies :-)

 I bought this CC eye fix which I've enjoyed using.

I paid £2.99 for it.

I also picked up this Pigmentation Fix which is apparently a Best Seller, I can't wait to see if it makes a difference. 

I paid £5.99 for it.

I then found this in ASDA for £5 which I thought was a great price. I have to say though, even thought it's the lightest shade they had it looks orange on me :-( hate it when that happens. I'll ever try and match it with a lighter product or give it to someone who it would  work well with. 

While in Boots I noticed they had an offer on DR.Jart which I'd heard a lot about so I picked up this Beauty Balm which I'm really liking :-) 

Also in Boot's I picked up another bottle of the Match Perfection from Rimmel which I really love using :-) 

Boot's also had an offer on Soap and Glory Skin Care, I looked to see if they had my favourite Peaches and Clean Cleanser which Is one of my favourites but they hadn't so I picked up another one which Is always talked about - The UltiMelt Hot Cloth Cleanser. I've only tried it a few times but I really like it so far.

 I still want to pick up another Peaches and Clean though as I find it great for daily use. 

I stopped in New Look and thought this top looked super cute! 

I really want a Pug one day :-)

I went out on a night out last weekend so the day before I picked up some new Eylure lashes. 

I bought them in Superdrug as they were on offer but they're huge so I ended up using something slightly more subtle pair. These would be great for something a bit more glamorous.  

So I still have my Sleek obsession and I managed to buy a few more palettes this month :-) 

The I-Candy Limited Edition palette and the Bad Girl Palette. 

I've heard many things about both and couldn't wait to have them in my hands!

Last but not least I picked up a few more essentials which I needed.

I few weeks ago I bought a Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner and my scalp really didn't like it so I decided to pick up a new Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioner for coloured hair. 

I also picked up some new cotton pads as I like to use them to help take off my makeup.

Last but  not least I bought a new red hair dye. Red is so hard to maintain but I can't get enough :-) 

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